The MP Fitness Ethos

Why should only the best athletes receive the best coaching? Everyone deserves invested time and commitment from fitness professionals to work towards their goal. Our goal is to deliver a proactive, stimulating and supported fitness experience for EVERYONE to help you achieve your goals. We welcome all people from the community and afar to improve their health with us at MP.

We offer top class facilities and equipment, vast knowledge and experience and create a community environment where you really feel part of something.  Our advanced gym facilities & equipment include:

  • Functional equipment-sandbags, kettlebells, battle ropes, sledges etc
  • Lifting Racks,
  • Olympic lifting equipment and platforms
  • Warm Up/Speed area, 3G surface
  • Spin bikes
  • Sports testing equipment
  • Rehabilitation equipment

To ensure our approach meets your expectations here is an example of some of the services you can access here:

  • Personalised programming-coached sessions by fully qualified instructors
  • Corrective exercise programmes to improve movement
  • Small Group training & functional classes
  • High Intensity classes and bootcamps
  • Physiotherapy, Sports Massage & Sports Psychology services
  • Nutritional advice & guidance
  • Body composition analysis and measurements
  • Sports specific programming
  • Extended rehabilitation services
  • Personal training

Ultimately, what you put in is what you get out of your fitness regime; we’re here to keep you on track and support you to reach your maximum potential! If you feel ready to take the next step towards a healthier, happier you then get in touch.

Our Aims & Values

Our motto is Kaizen which is Japanese for continuous improvement, we base our success on each member we work with, if our members improve-we’re happy. Below you can read about our unique approach.

To create a friendly and motivating community for individuals to work towards achieving their own fitness & health goals.

We are given one body to use for life-and we best ensure we take care of it!

We focus on the well-being of our customers and adopt a holistic approach to achieving improvements – for life!

To deliver a consistently attentive and inspiring standard of support to our wide range of customers. We will offer continuous support to ensure you utilise all the resources at MP Health and maximise your potential.

A committed & enthusiastic service from an experienced, knowledgeable team who take a hands-on approach with all of our customers. Everything we do is delivered with a science backed approach to guarantee your well-being is always our top priority.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about our services and how we can help you towards a healthier lifestyle you can send us a quick message below. Our team are here to help.

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