Feedback from Gym Members

Our clients are our best advert and their feedback speaks for itself, see some of our client testimonials below.

I began my journey at MP Health 4 stone heavier than I currently am, but, although the aesthetics of looking great are brilliant, they are not why I came.
I came initially as I had been suffering a long time from lower back pain and sciatica. Doctors had done all they could and physios the same. I was told I’d now have to take pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets. I didn’t want this and decided maybe this new “gym” might help.”

I rarely suffer any pain now and take absolutely NO drugs to control it…….amazing when you consider I was struggling at times to get in and out of my car.

All anyone needs to do is get themselves through the front door prepared to do as your asked. You do that and Maxpot will do the rest.

Male aged 50

“The proof is in the pudding. Still able to play football at 41 years old, competing with young boys and able to compete at junior level. I am also able to perform injury free, particularly in terms of non-contact injuries, and feel fitter than ever! The expertise at MP Health is second to none and has helped me improve my movement and flexibility as I am able to carry out movements I have never done before! I can touch my toes at 41!

I used to experience calf and hamstring injuries a lot and I am now much less prone to injury through my training.

To continue to play football at any level and maintain fitness at my age is a goal I have been able to achieve. I am also conscious of shape and maintain a healthy weight, my job requires a lot of sitting and sedentary activity and I feel able to combat this through training methods at MP health! I am still avoiding the 40+ beer belly I see so often in others!

If you are looking to improve MP Health cater for all aspects of fitness, mobility or movement. There is also a great social aspect to training here, with a great group of people it’s good fun and enjoyable to take part in training.

41 years old and still going strong!!! All down to hard work at MP Health”


Ex-Footballer Aged 41

“I’ve been running for a few years, racing the odd 10k and 1/2 marathon. I had been trying to run longer distances but always got an Achilles, calf or hip injury as a result. Very frustrating.

Then I decided, on a whim, to enter an ultra-marathon. 53 miles up part of the West Highland Way. 5 months to prepare for it. I had 3 goals for my training: to get to the start-line uninjured; to get past 26 miles; to get to the finish (I really didn’t think that I’d get that far).

I then went to MP Health and they gave me a Strength and Conditioning program tailored to my weaknesses and to the demands of the event. There was a strong focus on core and upper body strength, as well as leg strength.

John shared his knowledge and first hand experience of endurance sports, from kit to hydration and fueling. He was a great help with the mental aspects of the race. using his experience as an NLP trainer.

So last week i ran my race, during the race I realised that many runners were carrying injuries that they’d sustained during training. Some were taking paracetamol. Many more required physio, taping and massage during the race. I spoke to lots of runners but only a small number of them went to a gym regularly. I got to the start-line uninjured even though I lost 2 months of training (December and January) when I contracted shingles. In fact, I got to the FINISH LINE UNINJURED!! (just some blistering on my feet).

Thanks John and Michelle. I wouldn’t have made it to the start-line, never mind finish line without your help.”

Female Ultra-Marathon Runner, Aged 46