MP Health

Open to all skill & fitness levels.
We design a program that
works for you.

Programmes tailored to your needs

Improve your life through better
movement, improved fitness
and a healthier you!

We focus on your goals


Helping everyone from beginners to elite athletes reach their potential


Regardless of your skill or fitness levels we can help


MP Health develop bespoke training programs that will help you achieve your goals

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Sports Performance

Athletes are supported to achieve their potential

Sports Performance

MP Health utilise sports science, strength & conditioning, sports psychology and nutrition practice to maximise sporting performance

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Extended Rehabilitation

Improve movement, reduce pain and recover faster

Extended Rehabilitation

MP Health support injury recovery and improve functional movement

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What makes MP Health different?

Health & fitness is about much more than weight loss or body image, it is important to be able to move well, not just in the gym environment, but for life! 

At MP Health we recognise this, which is why we provide a unique and attentive service that improves functional movement, supports you to avoid injury and keeps you motivated to reach your goals. We provide a smarter way to train, utilising sports science and strength & conditioning expertise to make the most of your time in the gym. We help our members move better, feel better and look better – for life!

MP Health most importantly is for EVERYONE regardless of your fitness level or ability. We aim much higher than your average gym; our services are individualised and developed to meet your needs. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, sports player, someone looking to improve your general health, fitness, movement or manage pain, know that you are in the best hands to get the results you need. The MP philosophy includes a holistic approach to training & lifestyle changes, supporting you to reach your maximum potential!


  Introducing the new gym staff members: Woody, Jessie, Buzz and Rex. In other news, the website is being updated by Mia. Drop the website a message or speak to Mia if you have any

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We make our clients more injury resistant, leaner, stronger, faster, more powerful, helping them achieve their maximum potential. We support individuals that want to train the right way, injury free and become fit for life.

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