Member Benefits

Here are some of the main reasons why more and more people are switch to MP Health to help work towards having a stronger, fitter, healthier lifestyle.

  • Unlimited use of quality gym facilities

  • Personalised Programmes

  • Fully coached Programmes

  • Free Access to All Classes (£3 for Yoga)

  • Injury Management
  • Professional Service

  • Sports Testing
  • Expert Support & Advice

Everything you need to know before joining MP Health

Membership Details

Our membership packages start from £30. Adult memberships include an initial Functional Movement Screen (worth £40), a corrective programme tailored to your needs and a full Strength & Conditioning programme matched to your goals. All taught to you by our qualified coaches. You will receive regular programme updates and ongoing support and advice within the gym community. You will also have free access to all classes (except yoga, £3 for members).

There is always a coach on the floor actively engaging with and supporting you to ensure correct form, technique and helping you stick to the plan. It really is a gym like no other!

You are guaranteed to make new friends along your journey and we may even offer you the odd cup of post workout tea!

Adult Membership (age 18+): £50

Couples Membership: £80

Youth Membership (age 12-17): £40

Family Membership*: £100 (2 adults & up to 3 children)

55+ Membership: £30

Corporate Membership is available on request

* Age restrictions apply to classes, aged 14+

Do you want to be part of a fitness community that will keep you motivated and focused? Sign up with us today to give your fitness & health regime the kick start it needs. Contact us on 01294 539644

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If you have any questions about the gym, fitness programs or how we can help you towards a healthier lifestyle you can send us a quick message below. Our team are here to help.

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What others have said…

I began my journey at MP Health 4 stone heavier than I currently am, but, although the aesthetics of looking great are brilliant, they are not why I came.

I came initially as I had been suffering a long time from lower back pain and sciatica. Doctors had done all they could and physios the same. I was told I’d now have to take pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets. I didn’t want this and decided maybe this new “gym” might help.”

I rarely suffer any pain now and take absolutely NO drugs to control it…….amazing when you consider I was struggling at times to get in and out of my car.

All anyone needs to do is get themselves through the front door prepared to do as your asked. You do that and Maxpot will do the rest.

Male aged 50

Everything about my game has improved over my time at MP Health. The changes I have made in not only my physical game but my mental game has improved significantly. I no longer have problems with my anxiety before I walk out on court and I feel my confidence has dramatically improved even when I am under intense match situations. I have had a huge gain from joining this gym, it has given me the nurturing I needed to grow and develop as an athlete.

Before I joined MP Health I had knee problems due to the persistent strain put on them in tennis. Now pain is very rare and I feel a lot more comfortable after intense training.
My advice to anyone thinking about joining is be prepared to work hard and be prepared to push yourself. You will have the opportunity to reach any goal you have and you will get the chance to work around motivated athletes who are serious about what they do.

My success in tennis has excelled way beyond what I thought it would in such a short space of time. My county, Scottish and GB ranking have all improved. I am on track to where to be an MP Health has played a huge part in that.

It has been fantastic and every serious athlete should be here!

Athlete Aged 16

when I started I felt I was relatively fit but I was lacking in the strength side of things. Everyone at MP Health has helped me achieve what I want in my sport and have improved my strength and my overall fitness massively. When I started out I would say I was quite a shy and quiet person but compared to now I am completely different my confidence has improved massively at the gym just through meeting new people and working towards/achieving new goals. Everyone at the gym is there for one another and it has a very friendly and supportive family atmosphere surrounding it. MP Health have also helped me to win my first national medal!

It is such a great place to train and just be at in general everyone is approachable and you get interaction and looked after unlike with any other gym out there.

Athlete Female 17

Helping everyone from elite athletes to beginners become fitter and healthier!

Health & Fitness

Regardless of your skill or fitness levels we can help


MP Health develop bespoke training programs that will help you achieve your goals.

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Sports Performance

Athletes are supported to achieve their potential

Sports Performance

MP Health utilise sports science, strength & conditioning, sports psychology and nutrition practice to maximise sporting performance.

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Extended Rehabilitation

Improve movement, reduce pain and recover faster

Extended Rehabilitation

MP Health support injury recovery and improve functional movement.

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